Prestigious charity event, twinned with the renowned Vienna Opera Ball.


The Austrian tradition of the “Viennese ball” has spread all over the world, attracting ever increasing interest in cities like Moscow, Prague, New York, Bucharest, and Tokyo. In 2007 the baton was passed to Rome, with the famous “Grand Viennese Ball”, the only Italian ball desired by the Austrian Embassy in Italy and by the City of Vienna to represent the ancient tradition of “Viennese Ball” in the world, and twinned with the renowned Opernball. During these ten years, the Event gained media attention and achieved resounding success, becoming one of the most prestigious events in Italy.

An elegant and charitable evening in which personalities from the international jet-set, the aristocracy and the show-biz meet every year, but also guests who are keen on living an unforgettable evening and supporting the charitable purpose of this Ball with the purchase of tickets or reservation of a table.

This event, that represents the Austrian tradition in Italy, is an important moment of cultural exchange between Austria and Italy and has been organized under the patronage of the city of Vienna, the Austrian Embassy, of Roma Capitale, Province and Lazio Region, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

The Grand Viennese Ball of Rome is organized with professionalism by the Luxury Italian Excellence, taking care of any little detail. Elvia Venosa is an Italian entrepreneur who imagined, designed and created the Event, using her experience, passion and taste, her attention to the details, she is able to realize every year the dream of many women of taking part to this elegant gala event as guest or as Debutante to dance a waltz in a beautiful Cadet’s arms, a dream that seemed to be impossible to realize, unless than in Austria.

The evening opens with the Debutante Ball – doubtless the most exciting and eagerly awaited moment in every Viennese Ball. In accordance with tradition, young ladies, accompanied by their knights, experience the vibrant thrill of their first waltz as true princesses.


The Debutante Ball is the traditional opening ceremony of the Viennese Ball and the most moving and spectacular moment during the evening, in which young ladies with white dresses accompanied by charming officer cadets in high uniforms, live the unforgettable emotion of their first ball, evoking the magnificent atmospheres of the Viennese Strauss waltz.

The Debutantes Ball of Rome is an event to which any girl from 15 to 24 can participate by filling in and sending the registration form that can be found on the web page “how to participate”. During the evening, the organizing committee chooses a couple who will have the honor to represent Italy at the most famous ball in the world, the Vienna Opera Ball, event which takes place in the most beautiful ballroom of the Austrian capital on Fat Thursday to close the Ball season, worldwide broadcast with Debutantes from all over the world.

It takes an entire week of rehearsals to successfully complete the opening ceremony choreography, with an educational path that aims to learn our young ladies to be Princesses for a life time.

Posture, elegance, the right make-up to value their appearances, the importance of roles in a couple, the pleasant discovery of gallantry and womanliness, all objectives reached by the lucky girls that will have the great opportunity to take part to this incredible experience.

Naive…retro? No, these girls just want to realize the dream they follow from their childhood. “Princesses to the Ball for a night”, just for a night and then back to the daily routine stronger and more determined than before because now they now dreams can become true!

The “Grand Viennese Ball” is much more than an event. It is a rite, a dream, a message – the symbol of a world and an era that is worth reintroducing to today’s young people. The best way to bring the values of a splendid tradition back to life is to make them more current, allowing them to be discovered in their deepest meaning – even by those who, in the tumult of today’s society, appear to have neglected them, or, far worse, to have forgotten them altogether.


The Viennese Ball’s primary aim is charity. In any edition, the event’s proceeds have been given to humanitarian projects promoted by very important Italian Associations.

2016 – 2017 -2018 – 2019 – 2022  MAKE-A-WISH ITALIA ONLUS, that grants wishes of children and young people aged between 3 and 17 living with life threatening illnesses. A wish can have different effects: providing respite from the daily struggles, giving them the strength to carry on their therapies and hope for the future.

2015 FIABA ONLUS to realize the project “Con FIABA gioco anch’io – With FIABA I’ll play too”. This project aims at realizing public playgrounds that are accessible to disabled kids, to provide children with disabilities the same play opportunities as typical children.

2014 ITALIAN RED CROSS to realize structures for victims of violence in Rome.



2013 ITALIAN RED CROSS to realize the “Italian Red Cross house”, a project to welcome families of children who suffer from serious illnesses.

2012 ITALIAN RED CROSS a charity project to support people affected by the Emilian earthquake in 2012.

2011 Fondazione Doppia Difesa, an association that helps women victims of violence, stalking and abusing, in particular children and women. Thanks from Fondazione Doppia Difesa

2010 Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation an association that funds research projects, from basic to clinical, that have the ultimate aim to treat and eventually cure cystic fibrosis.

2009 Giovani per l’Abruzzo, association of young people linked to the terrible earthquake happened in the Abruzzi, a small Italian region, by the Italian Minister of Youth Policy, the Honorable Giorgia Melon

2007 and 2008 UNICEF – Mozambique Project “Children Orphaned by HIV and AIDS”.


Every year the Grand Viennese Ball of Rome gives to famous international artists the prestigious “VINDOBONA PRIZE” in memory of the ancient name given to the city of Vienna by the Romans.

In past editions the prize has been given to great personalities as: the Master Ennio Morricone for the feelings his compositions gave and keep on giving to all, Sabrina Brazzo, a principal dancer with La Scala in Milan and since 2008 partner of Roberto Bolle, Anbeta Toromani, professional dancer from the television show “Amici di Maria de Filippi” who has contributed over the years at bringing young people closer to classical dance, Mirko Gozzoli, 7-time ballroom dance champion.

André De La Roche worldwide known choreographer and dancer, His Excellency Christian Berlakovitz, Austrian Ambassador in Italy, the Master Lorenzo Lupi, founder of the orchestra Pueri Symphonici, composed by elements who have less than 18 years, Matteo Setti, memorable narrator in “Notre Dame de Paris”, Arianna Bergamaschi and Antonello Angiolillo for their masterful interpretation in the musical “The Beauty and the beast”, the Grand Officer Order of Merit of the italian Republic Giuseppe Trieste, FIABA ONLUS President, for the constant and unceasing fight to eliminate architectural and cultural boundaries, Giuliano Peparini, international director and choreographer, for his way to convey directly and effectively through his work important social issues to new generations, Anna Di Risio, Press Office of important television programs and international events.


The “Grand Viennese Ball” of Rome has received many awards during these years for its active and continuous commitment towards society and young generations and for the relationships’ consolidation between Austria and Italy.

The President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano in 2012 gave a medal for the high social value and the goals pursued by this event.

The award by the Italian Red Cross for the constant support towards humanitarian projects.

The Archduke Markus Habsburg / Lorraine, grand-nephew of great Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria gave to Elvia Venosa, organizer of the Grand Viennese Ball of Rome, a medal for the perfect way the Austrian tradition of Viennese Balls has been represented in Italy.

A silver medal given by the Austrian Embassy in Italy to the Organizing Committee for the remarkable contribution in the relationships between Italy and Austria.